Hemp Honey for Athletes

Recently you may have noticed a wide array of athletes such as ex NFL star Rob Gronkowski to surfers Jamie O’Brien advocating the benefits of hemp products specifically in relation to muscle recovery.  So why are all these athletes, retired or still at peak performance gravitating towards hemp derived products?  



Hemp products, specifically the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant, CBD, activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  The ECS is strongly linked to inflammation regulation which fluctuates constantly during workout regimes.  Athletes are constantly pushing their bodies to perform at the top physical level. When you work out a certain muscle, you are implementing stress to the muscle fibers.  Then, your immune system kicks in and begins repairing the damage you created while exercising. Over time, your body adapts to the demands of your exercise routine, hence building and strengthening your muscles.  This muscle damage, however, is what causes your body to feel sore for a couple days after you took a long run or did too many squats. Hemp products have offered some unique benefits to the recovery process by reducing inflammation in the area that causes unnecessary damage leading to quicker recovery times after a rigorous workout.  Also hemp products improve our quality of sleep which is the most important part of the muscle repair process, the more and better quality of sleep you have gives your body time to strengthen back up. Finally, for extreme cases, hemp can diminish symptoms like pain or muscle tension for those who worked out too hard and need more time to recuperate.



Honey on the other hand can be a great asset to any post workout regime because it is so rich in carbohydrates which are needed to refill glycogen stores and deliver protein to your muscles leading to quicker recovery times.  Honey can also work great pre and during a workout because it is a great source of natural energy meaning you don’t crash and burn the same way you would if you ate a bunch of candy.  Instead you get a natural sustained energy which is why many long distance cyclists and runners will put honey in water making a natural sports drink.



Personally I try to surf everyday (although the waves here in South Carolina don’t always cooperate).  However when they do I go as much as I can which typically calls for early mornings and late afternoon sessions.  When I know I’m gonna have to get up early I’ll take some tincture to ensure a good night sleep, followed by honey in my morning coffee to give me that extra boost I need to get out in the water and stay there! Finally, for sore muscles (mainly shoulders) I incorporate a topical hemp product in my routine.  By rubbing the salve on my tender muscles I notice an alleviation from pain and faster recovery time making me ready to get right back on the waves in the morning!   So if you live an active lifestyle we recommend trying some of our products to help your body perform at its optimal level, they’ve worked for us so far!