About Us

John Berdux, Isabel Lewis Berdux and Liam Becker are the founders of Apis Mercantile

In 2011, a group of lifetime friends reunited in the beautiful Southern city of Charleston, SC.  Living on the peninsula downtown afforded them a small backyard, which became a place of respite for friends, soon to be friends, and family alike to gather and reflect on the happenings of the day. The small garden in the backyard of that first downtown house became a place of quiet reflection and continued to grow as we cultivated our interests in various backyard hobbies.  Over the years, we added muscadine grapes and tomatoes, all sorts of peppers and herbs, annual and perennial flowers, until ultimately, we added two bee hives.  The bee hives changed everything; from the moment of their installation, an intense passion for beekeeping and the wonderful honeybee was born.

Since that time in 2011 with the small downtown garden and apiary, the friends from that house have grown, all the time harboring and nurturing their passions.  In 2017, these passions led us to a wonderful new venture: Apis Mercantile.  Combining the love of gardening and herbal remedies with one of nature’s most time-tested products, honey, we created a line of hemp products infused with ingredients straight from the hive.  Apis Mercantile emerged from a passion for beekeeping and hemp.  Founded by two lifetime friends, Liam and John, Apis Mercantile produces hemp-derived CBD products combined with ingredients from the hive, including propolis, beeswax, and honey.  With over a decade of experience in the specialty foods industry and the cannabis space, we have been able to create and deliver a superior product our customers can trust.

While hemp-infused honey was our flagship product, we have since expanded our product line to include hemp honey sticks, CBD propolis tinctures, and an ever-expanding CBD skin care line.  Honey bees set a positive example worthy of emulating; a hive works together for the collective good of the colony, and in their work, the honey bees leave a positive impact on the surrounding flora and, ultimately, the world we live in. As a plant, hemp has had a similarly positive impact, and combining the two seemed like a great way to share our passion with family, friends, and the people we're lucky enough to have as members of our hive, our customers.  Our company name, Apis Mercantile is derived from Apis mellifera, the name of the European honey bee that produces the honey we eat, as a reminder to live positively and bee better everyday.